The international market is absorbing the global economic situation, the consistency maintained by the emerging economies, notably in the construction sector, and the signs of gradual recovery in the U.S. market, point to a more optimistic scenario in 2015.

There are new countries, integrating the group of major players in the tiles market. There are continuous technological development of the global ceramics industry. The ceramic tile is global business with countries on every continent supporting the industry in its time of need. In 2010, world tile production amounted to 10.000 billion square metres. Asian nations produced two-thirds of the global total. The success of the Chinese industry has seen many of its companies invest in modern production technology. Brazil is currently the second largest manufacturer in the world.

Top manufacturing countries - ceramic tile market

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Top consumers countries ceramic tile

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Main exporters of ceramic tile by countries

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Anfacer represents the Brazilian ceramic tile industry, one of the main players in the world. Composed by 94 companies, Brasil is the 2nd largest world producer and consumer market. Its products are found in all continents in over 130 countries.


Porcelain tile Internet Cluster

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